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About Me:

My name is Katie Ryu and I am currently a student at Tufts University majoring in Biopsych on the Pre-Med track. I am Korean American and currently live in New Jersey. I am also the oldest of three sisters. I am fluent in Korean, English, and know the basics of Spanish and Mandarin. I love boba, kpop, watching kdramas and anime, ramen, photography, painting, dancing, sleeping (ofc), and so much more! ​  



This website is a safe place for people who have a wide variety of interests and passions (like me!). There is a wide range of topics that this website carries such as arts, sciences, kpop, kdrama, food, and so much more. The goal of this website is to create a community that can experience the healing beauty of the arts in the world as well as the sciences. Although arts and sciences may seem like total opposites, each is essential in making this world complete. Look around your world and you will start to notice that arts and sciences will always complement each other. Now, take advantage of this zone and make yourself comfy!

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